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 The UK's Independent Heating Oil Price Comparison Site

Fuel Tool is the UK's leading online price comparison for domestic heating oil.

Fuel Tool delivers the best heating oil prices from the most competitive and lowest priced suppliers across the UK. Simple and easy to use, we don't just deliver heating oil, we also deliver first class customer service.

Our suppliers give us their best prices which we pass on to you. No more calling around to get quotes, Fuel Tool does it all for you. Just enter the amount of heating oil you require along with your postcode and let us do the work. It couldn't be easier!

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Current Global Crude Oil Prices

Heating oil prices are usually directly affected by the base price of crude oil so have a look at the chart below to get an idea of the recent price trends. Prices are in U.S. dollars per barrel. Select either 3 month history, 6 month history or 12 month history from the dropdown box.

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Brent Crude Oil Future three month chart

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Fuel Tool News

Opec Announcement Makes Heating Oil Prices Rise
Reading the latest article from The Guardian, crude oil and heating oil prices have risen dramatically over the past week, we're sad to say, and the trend going into the winter may continue on its path this way upwards. This is due to an announcement that crude oil output is going to have a cap on its production caused by a previous overproduction problem. Saying all of this you can see how crucial it is to make sure you follow the prices and buy when they are lowest. Use Fuel Tool's daily price updates and be in the know every day.

New Suppliers on Fuel Tool
Yorkshire, West Midlands and Central England now have new suppliers which we'd like to offer a warm welcome this past week, who'll surely help Fuel Tool keep prices at their lowest.

Crudely Put, Oil Prices are Low!
Prices have continued to drop in the international crude oil market and we haven't see the price per barrel this low since 2008. Click here to read the latest article from Reuters where they discuss why oil prices are so low right now. Heating oil prices follow a similar general price path, so that's great news to us all. Order now while prices are at rock bottom and ensure your winter will be one filled with warmth, and spend the money you've saved on something nice for Christmas instead!

Merry Christmas from Fuel Tool
We at Fuel Tool would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. Our team are dedicated to serving you through Christmas and New Years with a smile and a pleasant voice. Feel free to ring our customer support team any time of the day and we'd be happy to assist you placing an order or answer any questions you may have.

Click to view more news at the Fuel Tool Heating Oil News Page.

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